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A response to the Army's motto of "This We'll Defend", used commonly by Drill Sergeants at the graduation ceremony for Basic Trainees. It signifies the Army's willingness to fight in the interests of the US until their death.
by Topranse January 15, 2021
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JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a high school (middle school in some exceptions) program created in 1916 with the National Defense Act of 1916 in preparation of WWI. This program is used to teach students how to be exceptional leaders and learn certain skills which can help any who join in the future.

Typically, the program is stereotyped by liberals or far left wingers as a war machine made to brainwash kids into working for the US government. Typically, stereotyped by jocks/athletic students as a place for nerds or army roleplayers.
Left winger: 'Oh no! Another person being brainwashed by the war machine! DOWN WITH JROTC!' (Actual scenario happened at my old school.)

Informed student/JROTC Cadet: 'No. They're just learning actual skills for their future instead of picking up a sign and yelling.'
Jock: 'HA! Nerds! JROTC is full of nerds!' (Incorrect. Plenty of 'jocks' have joined JROTC.)

Cadet: 'Not really. We're learning life skills.'
by Topranse September 8, 2017
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Mobile Task Force (SCP Foundation combative department, filled with top-tier combatants)
Hey, MTF be lookin' hot today.
by Topranse November 5, 2019
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The US Army motto, signifying their willingness to execute their duties as soldiers within the US Armed Forces; This refers to the US, the Constitution, and its constituents. We'll refers to the Army's collective ideal of teamwork within soldiers. Defend refers to the Army's main task - being to defend the United States from enemies, both foreign and domestic, as well as support and defend the Constitution.
by Topranse January 15, 2021
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