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To perform a ridiculous act, with a considerable chance of long term injury as a result. Can also be refered to as 'typical 'Oughts', when a stupid act is repeated, or is extremely predictable.
man 1: so what did you get up to at the weekend?

man 2: well, i set off a firework from my arse, but I over clenched, and gripped the rocket too tight. I badly burnt the cheeks of my arse. Luckily a pal tenderly applied coolent to my posterior. If I hadn't had that crate of super tennents it would have hurt so much i'd have had to stop drinking!

man 1:typical 'oughts!
by Lord Splinter May 30, 2010
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One of the nine years at the beginning of this century that we're currently living through... some would say enduring.
Today is May 6th, Ought Five. Yea right, ought NOT!
by T Wade May 07, 2005
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null, zero, nothing (now archaic); sometimes written as "aught"
Six plus ought equals six.
by paljoey October 04, 2003
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it’s a southern/ Devonshire way of saying it’s got to be...
Jenny:” do you think the guy Lisa has a crush on is a roadman?”

Amanda:” it ought to be”
by Iszy is not noice May 19, 2019
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An indication that an indian person is feeling any emotion. Mainly used in curiosity.

To be used as a suggestive term, add 'h' to the beginning of the word. Thus, hhought.
"I would enjoy khilling jhou now."

"Whant to mhake some ghood deals, come to my place and settle in with a nice bowl of curry?"
by Enzo December 29, 2003
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A word that RCHS kids used when responding to anything anyone says ever. Generally used in replace of 'bet'.
"I bet you won't leave class early."

"Wanna go get some lunch?"

"Fucking ought Mr. Haut."
by Kesha_3 February 13, 2019
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