Also known as the #MeThree movement. This is when you are not a victim, but jump on the bandwagon anyway when someone declares "metoo".
Person one: My science teacher asked me if I shop at Victoria Secret. Not cool. #metoo
Person two: Yeah, that happens to me all day #methree
by SactownTimmy September 3, 2018
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A new movement generated in America by Americans to fight racism.
If he looks at that man again with such hatred in his heart, soly for the color of his skin, I will #methree his sorry self
by Brothaontheinside September 7, 2018
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When one feels the entire world has touched them inappropriately be it physically or mentally.
I was watching all the troubling news the other day and I felt as if I had been Methreed
by The Sweig August 11, 2019
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When some female wrongly accuses a male of sexual harassment either for revenge, fun, attention or whatever and the man pulls a methree movement on her. You ( the female ( s) involved) , me and my lawyer .
If that girl in the office thinks she's going to lie on me, I'll pull a methree movement on her.
by Jimmy Ship February 24, 2020
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#MeThree is rights for boys not men. Girls get treated with special "things" from Kindergarten to around highschool after that it's unfair for women. Middelschool is the worst though they treat us boys so bad and I am done with it.
*Girls get any type of special treatment"
Boy 1: Wow I wish I was a girls so I could get that.
Boy 2 Lol #MeThree
by Loganxd.h January 30, 2020
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