Time to own. When TTO arrives its time to own
w3b: "Stinks" dids and cope are on their way!

Rollins: Hell yea... TTO bitches! TSS no bun time
by w3b October 18, 2007
Tefillah Turn On:

The feeling of sexual attraction towards a young jewish male with the following: perfect kippah placement, visible tzitzit, the skills to read Torah well, a beautiful davening voice, and a good shuckel.
Note: these characteristics in excess may lead to a lack of attraction. It's about quality, not quantity.
You see that boychick with perfect kippah placement? I'm feeling some major TTO.
by Pesach30525 January 5, 2011
a Detroit based gang, headquartered on Linwood also known as "The Take Over". So far, reports have said that this gang has been limited to a certain family that shall not be named. Most TTO members live on Linwood. This is also a gang that accepts members under the age of 18. It is said that this gang enjoys spending money, petty theft, welfare fraud, and for having knockoff designer clothes that they usually buy from Freddy at the corner across from Bob's Pizza. TTO has a long-standing rivalry with LRG (not the clothing label).
TTO James: Free TTO Ace!
LRG Frieda: TTO, that gang who commits welfare fraud and gets their Trues from Freddy?! You rep them?!
an acronym for Totally Take Out. TTO is a Michigan State University dining service that offers take out food to dorm residence
-Hey John you want to run to the TTO and get some mini pizza
-Mos Def, you know i need my 14 points of hot pockets and uncrustables!
by Iron Tom Flint April 4, 2006
Man we smoked that Florida Orange now we're TTO.
by Masononthemoon October 22, 2010
Lit "Minju at it again!"

When Kim Minju makes a mistake IZ*ONE members tease her saying "Minju ga-tto!" (or Minju ga-ddo).
"Did Minju drop the vase? Minju ga-tto!"
"Minju forgot the dance moves... Minju ga-tto!"
by runrunjumpjump May 5, 2021
TTO means tell the others, by sharing positive information, paying it forward.
Always count your blessings, because you don't know how long they will be there. #TTO
by beckarooni February 8, 2022