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The lyrics from the famous Korean pop song "Catallena" by Orange Caramel went viral after a hypnotic video of IZ*ONE's Kim Chaewon covering the song.
Have you "lallalalla heundeulheundeul son heundeulgo ne mogsoriga swil ttaekkaji sori jilleo" today?

Does your mind ever go "lallalalla heundeulheundeul son heundeulgo"?
by runrunjumpjump May 5, 2021
Lit "Minju at it again!"

When Kim Minju makes a mistake IZ*ONE members tease her saying "Minju ga-tto!" (or Minju ga-ddo).
"Did Minju drop the vase? Minju ga-tto!"
"Minju forgot the dance moves... Minju ga-tto!"
by runrunjumpjump May 5, 2021