The cutest and most adorable person in the world. Although she has an uncontrollable laughing problem, she's adorable :) Everything she does just makes the world better and effects people in a positive way. Any guy would be lucky to have a girl like Minju.
I wish all girls were like Minju.
The most beautiful female idol in Kpop's history. Natural beauty with a flawless, perfect face. She is literally the most gorgeous girl in South Korea, maybe of all Asia.
All girls wish they were as beautiful as Kim Minju.
by Tunacube May 24, 2019
minju is generally very friendly
although she can be a bit moody..
she likes handsome boys and hates
the ugly ones..but generally speaking,
she is a nice person..
mike's wish is to eat minju's kim-bap.
by no face February 13, 2005
Kim Minju is an angel and is the embodiment of hard work and passion.
Kim Minju loves IZ*One and Wiz*One very much
by ash; May 5, 2021
the most intimidating stans but some of them are the kindest person ever. they're so loud, they cry over minju every minute
minju stans is not that intimidating

"I really love her laugh"

"aaaa her indian dimple"
by minjubestgirl March 19, 2021
Lit "Minju at it again!"

When Kim Minju makes a mistake IZ*ONE members tease her saying "Minju ga-tto!" (or Minju ga-ddo).
"Did Minju drop the vase? Minju ga-tto!"
"Minju forgot the dance moves... Minju ga-tto!"
by runrunjumpjump May 5, 2021