SN1: This class is pissing me off.
SN2: I know, man. TSS.
by Daisuke Matsuzaka April 17, 2007
Tie her up and let her ride you like a bucking bull.
She was acting like a rabid animal last night, so I had to give her the TSS.
by ROPINMAN123 March 5, 2021
Toxic Shock Syndrome; illness caused by leaving a tampon in too long
Ross Demay has T.S.S.
by Ron Golden October 2, 2003
means" That's what She" said but without the W beacuse it will just sound stupid
why is it every time i push it gets harder Cristina said, robert then replied with TSS, then cristina responed with a face plam to the face
by HeymanY2K June 9, 2010
TSS = Turbo Slut Syndrome.

TSS is the syndrome that causes a person to be a turbo slut, TS.
Rebecca suffers from TSS.
by Koinasake November 11, 2005
Look at that tss! I’m glad I left her!
by Bella2018 August 2, 2018
TSS is a computer / technology television show on the G4TECHTV network.
by Qbert July 25, 2004