Frieda is a very open person and will listen to anything that people tell her she is a great listener. Friedas can be real moody but just make them smile never be rude because friedas will get really pissed and start talking smack. Friedas are very real and chill about things that are crazy. They are one of the most chillest and coolest people you will ever meet. They have so much confidence. Friedas are known to be gorgeous not only from the inside but on the outside. Friedas are one of the funniest people you will ever meet! They are carefree! They love to flirt. Friedas fall for gentlemen. Keep them interested and they will fall for you in no time. Although she can look mean and rude from upfar she is one of the nicest persons ever. Just get to know friedas and listen to them when they are talking to you especially on a serious topic they really appreciate it and it makes them feel cared for and loved.
Hey frieda is so cool right?!!
by fiveguy12345 November 21, 2017
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A cute-clumsy girl who attracts everyone around her. She is oblivious to a lot of things but that's a part of her charm. She often blames herself for her own and other's misfortunes but should remember that she's not responsible for everyone's happiness. Befriending people is easy for Frieda, as everyone she meets love her instantly. She's just the nicest, sweetest, awesomest, most interesting girl.
Wow I'm in love with Frieda
by foyfoysama May 9, 2018
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A girl wich is funny, beautiful, gentle and very fit.
He: Shes such a Frieda...❤
by master300 January 2, 2017
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Frieda is cool
by 🐒 July 27, 2017
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Friedas are the best friends you've ever dreamed of! They are kind and really beautiful. If you don't know a Frieda you have to make sure that you'll know one in the future. With Frieda you can always have fun, be the person who you really are and also have deep talks with her. Friedas are simply perfect girls.
Person A: ''Wow, my best friend is the best''
Person B: ''Her name have to be Frieda''
Person A: ''Yes''
by theordinarygirl September 21, 2017
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