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1. To type the 1-0 keys on a keyboard while holding down shift.

2. An arrangement of symbols to censor a curse word.

3. What a kid may type when bored out of his mind to see if anything will show on Google.
1. hey Siri, !@#$%^&*()

2. You are such a @$$ hole sometimes.

3. Ok google, !@#$%^&*()
by spellzer January 25, 2017
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Symbols created by holding the shift key while typing 2345678 that are used in place of what the reader might assume is a swear word, but actually is a harmless word silly or freaking.

commonly used on FB, MySpace and forums where swear words are considered inappropriate.

The use of @#$%^&* is the writer's way of reminding the reader to not assume the worse when interpreting what is written.
That is one @#$%^&* big sandwich.
by whonose January 18, 2010
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Signs of swearing.
Example: F**k, Sh*t etc
Mom: Son, your enemy beat you to first place again.
You: !@#$%^&*()

You: !@#$%^&*() deal with it mom.
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by Trust me I'm dumb September 22, 2019
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!@#$^%&*() is the 1-0 pushinf the shift key
!@#$%^&*() could censor a cuss word
by BObo D. HObo April 29, 2004
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Used to censore out any foul language in written form.
StupidScreenName1: Last nights Cleveland Bukkake Special left a mess for the cleaning lady.

StupidScreenName2: What the !@#$%^&*
by ethomson July 10, 2006
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