An insult generally used by hyperactive Americans on Ricki Lake and other assorted talk shows. Most commonly heard from those that have no concept of grammar, this phrase generally follows the phrase "y'know what i'm sayin'"
"Talk to the hand girlfriend, cos the face don't wanna hear it"
by porcelina September 1, 2003
An expression originally used by african american women to mean the coversation is over. Now used by all sorts of wannabe urban whites as well.
...for the last time i want my alimony payment now you way honey, talk to the hand cause the face ain't listenin'
by ike "the priest" September 6, 2003
What a teenage girl says to someone who is interrupting her. She may also say it if she doesn't care or doesn't want to talk to them.
Julie said "talk to the hand" to the geeky boy.
by M September 3, 2003
An invitation to carry on your conversation with someone's hand.
"...Talk to the hand!" "Okay, well, as I was saying Mr. Hand, the person attached to you is an immature twit, and did you know..."
by Chaz March 24, 2006
An expression used by mainly valley girl and surfer boy types who don't care about whatever someone is talking about.
by Anonymous September 3, 2003