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when leaving a tip, put the bills in a glass of water, cover the top with a menu or other stiff surface, then flip the glas upside down, and remove the menu from underneath the glass, resulting in a horrible situation for your waitress/waitor.
its fucked up. try getting a table near a window so when you leave, you can watch and see what the waitress does about it.
by Chaz January 6, 2005
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A promuscious person into the "furry scene" (dressing up as animal characters and having sex)
Jamie was wearing her foxy loxy costume and doing everone at the party -- she's such a pawslut!
by Chaz January 18, 2004
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Some one whose pants dont reach thurr shoes is said to be poppin. High Waters.
Hey, Andrew why are u popiin the flood was yesterday.
by Chaz April 29, 2005
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- the words pesimistic and cyinical put together

-just a random word that can be used in any situation....and it sounds funny
-"Your such a pestical!"
-"Wut a fricken pestical!"
-"My pestical doesn't work properly."
by Chaz July 13, 2004
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Standing in the posture typical of a person from Buffalo, New York, USA.
by Chaz May 28, 2019
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French word for 'cupboard'
First of all I have to put my clothes in my armoire
by Chaz May 1, 2004
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Sperm or Man juice. Also known as jiz.
She took a sip of my artificial sweetener.
by Chaz July 8, 2004
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