An extremely attractive person.

Various ways to cook an egg can emphasize the level of attractiveness or the way in which they are attractive.
The scale from most attractive to least follows as such: Well cooked, hard boiled, sizzling, steamed, soft boiled, fried, uncooked, rotten.
Additionally, a "cracked egg" is a shirtless egg; for the outer shell, the shirt, has been removed.
"Wow, Zac Efron is such an egg."

*friend shows me a picture of a shirtless man* "Isn't he such a sizzling cracked egg?"

My friend looked at me with a frown, "Ew, don't go out with him, he's a straight up rotten egg."
by Rhett7 August 11, 2018
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A trans person who hasn't awakened to knowing that they are a trans person yet
When I was an egg, I loved playing as female characters in games and it made me happy to be called a she in my guild.
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by Lightning Princess November 29, 2017
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a white person that has a fetish for asian women/men. white on the outside/yellow on the inside.
goddamit, i am such a fucking egg. i get rock hard every time i go to the asian market and see those tight asian women.
by wreckage February 09, 2003
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A more apropos word to describe when a woman does something gutsy or bold instead of saying 'ballsy'. When a woman acts brassy or strong!

A way of paying homage to a woman's eggs when she is bold instead of referencing a man's balls! ;)
"Damn she's got eggs!"

"That woman who just wrangled that crocodile has eggs!" ;)

"Going up against your boss for being a jerk took eggs!"
by Damiana00 November 30, 2011
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1. Can be used in secret code for a short man with a bald shiny head

2. Used in conjunction with the word love

3. Used instead of the prefix -ex
1. Person 1: Hiya, whos teaching us today?
Person 2: Oh just the egg

2. 'have you got daaa egg?'

3. 'Yes it was so egghilerating, i just kept reeling off eggxamples which were leaving people really eggcited. rather eggplicit really'
by scoopdapoop June 20, 2011
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a synonym for testicles, such as fruits, plums, balls, knackers, two veg, orbs, conkers, leftie and righty, the crown jewels, the twins
by k.dis May 07, 2006
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A very fun virbating toy for a woman. Usually remote control. Can be worn anytime (in a class, walking the dog, etc.) Give you a very discreate way to have an orgasm with out a dildo, penis, or your fingers.
Alex: Is that cum on your pants Jaime?
Jaime: Yeah, I bought one of those "egg" things that you wear any time.
Alex: Got bored during that lecture?
Jaime: Hell ya! just reached in my pocket, flipped the switch to on, got wetter and wetter then finally, i cummed all over my pants.
by Jaime December 27, 2003
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