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A trendy is a social categorisation of person who follows modern fashion and listens to mainstream music, having no music genre in particular they follow. The common belief held by many alternatives that trendies lack 'individuality' is incorrect, and can also be applied to other social groups concerning their own appearence. Quite hypocritical really.

Typical trendy guys dress in denim, commonly wearing tight jeans. The jeans are usually long enough to overflow over a trendy's well-maintained trainers, just over the trainer's tongue. They usually wear short sleeve t-shirts of top names such as FCUK, and may wear a jacket (commonly denim). Trendy guys' hair are styled with gel, and they commonly decorate themselves with moderate amounts of jewerery (not too much bling).

Trendy girls are easier to recognise. They are 'shopaholics', and therefore wear the lastest top fashion clothes. They are notoriously known for tight-fitting jeans bearing words such as 'hooch' or 'angel' at the rear. Belly buttons are exposed in fine weather (usually pierced) by their wearing of small tops. Hair styles range (and change) from different styles, but are always kept feminine. Make-up is usually worn in vast amounts, particuarly eye shadow and blusher. Fake tan is also popular.

The view shared by other groups is that trendies are simply 'wannabe townies'. This is wrong. Trendies are a separate social group from townies and the two can be defined differently. Basically it depends on the person themselves and their behaviour towards people, and attitudes. Trendies are typically intelligent, decent, friendly people (much opposed to townies) with a sense of independance and direction. Despite liking to have a good time, and a fondness of getting drunk, their behaviour is never abusive or harmful (not intentionally anyway!)
A typical scenario:

Alternative1: Ha, look, it's a trendy! They all look the same!
Alternative2: Yeah! Wannabe townies, the lot of them!
Trendy: What's their problem?
by The Omnicient April 30, 2004

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A social categorisation of a person (e.g. townie, trendy, goth) who enjoys both participating in, and watching, different sports. Therefore they are athletic, outgoing and socialable, with a common competitive edge about them.
More than one sporty are known as 'sporties'.
A guy or gal who is always up for sporting achievement awards... you know, that kid you could never out run in the playground.
by The Omnicient April 29, 2004

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A person described by another as being of a nerd persuasion. Usually a form of insult.
"Oh man! you're such an egg!"
by The Omnicient April 30, 2004

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A term used to describe an obese person. Spoken as an insult.
"Haha, what a log!"
by The Omnicient April 30, 2004

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