Medical grade cannabis wax (oil) sugar coated with the most fine and pure MDMA crystals forming a "Snowflake". Smoked off of a Wax/Oil rig with a titanium nail. Exhaling immediately brings chills down your spine as you take off into your roll of a life time.
Me and my brother dabbed 3 Snowflakes each before entering the Zeds Dead show.
by rivendare March 18, 2015
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Weed covered in so many white crystals you can't break it up w/o gettin it all over your hands
That guy is fucking awesome, he just sold us snowflake!
by hahano June 24, 2004
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A girl from Canada who acts interested in guys then "flakes" after about 3 weeks.
by J. February 21, 2005
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A term that acquired new meaning during the 2016 United States presidential elections to describe anyone on either side of the political spectrum who is too sensitive or easily offended by differing opinions or views that do not coincide with their own.

Most often it is applied by conservatives to describe progressive liberals who can't handle the fact that millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in legal and fair elections and that a good majority of those same Americans reject their liberal progressive views. Those who disagree with said progressives or who are not Democrats are called racists, fascists, misogynists or other ridiculous insults or claims such as blaming the Russians with no real evidence to back it up and then these same people throwing out these insults and claims wonder why they are called snowflakes and have their views dismissed.

Also used by liberals to describe conservatives who can't handle any criticism of the Trump administration, the Republicans or anything they don't agree with such as gay marriage, abortions or the fact that some people out there don't believe in God, are anti-gun or accept the fact that some men want to dress up as women and piss like one too.
Thomas saw the liberals and conservatives fighting again and protesting one another in the street while on his way to work because they disagreed over some bullshit issue that doesn't affect most people in the real world and thought to himself, "What a bunch of snowflakes!"
by CaliPatriot88 March 31, 2017
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a flake, the ones that never keep to their plans and always bail out at the last minute, but a pretty one.
Kira is so flaky.
yeah but she's pretty though
yeah shes just a regular snowflake
by hhnn August 17, 2007
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