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A person who is addicted to coffee. Comes from the TV Show Gilmore Girls. Especially Lorelai and Rory are known as java junkies
LUKE: What are you doing?
LORELAI: I need coffee.
LUKE: It's 5:00 in the morning. Make coffee at your own house.
LORELAI: I did. I drank it all.
LUKE: You drank all the coffee in your house before five in the morning?
LORELAI: Big gulps, lots of sugar.
LUKE: *thinks: java junkie*
by ~dominique April 23, 2006
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Used by fans of Jake Gyllenhaal, meaning you're totally in love with him and would do everything to meet him.

Also a fanclub.
Girl 1: OMG I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday. Jake is sooooo hot. *drools*
Girl 2: Yeah I'm a totally Gyllenhaalic - can't live without him. Don't you want to join our fanclub on www.iheartjake.com ?
Girl 1: W00t, I'm so in.
by ~dominique March 16, 2006
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It started off as a journalsite but is now formerly known for their icon thieves, who are stealing icons from Livejournal users.
Pretty often, those people join webrings to promote their xangas with their icon collections.
Not all are hotlinking. And not everbody claims them as their icons. They are basically just too lazy to make their own icons and have no respect at all in artwork.
LJ User1:
Oh man, I know. I am so sick of all the mass hotlinking that seems to be the only thing that Xanga is used for! I lost count of how many times some random person came to my journal and commented with something like, "Um, hey, just so you know, there's a shitload of your icons hotlinked over --here--," and if they hadn't've told me, I wouldn't've known about it.

Also, the fact that Xanga appears completely useless and stupid is just kind of accentuated by this sort of thing, and just sours me toward it more.

LJ User2:
holy crap these sites make me REALLY pissed off
and their entry makes me laugh
"im having problems uploading icons"
UPLOAD?! LOL! no trouble THERE when you're just hotlinking! is "uploading" POSTING them on their "sites" to them?! LOL pppppppahtetic -____-
by ~dominique January 2, 2006
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