The act of dancing during a lit event or at anytime
by My sleezy October 9, 2019
A dance that's most known from the USA (Most specifically NY) and the UK.
Person 1: Did you see that UK drill rapper get sturdy?
Person 2: Hell yeah! Can you get sturdy aswell?
Person 1: Nah I can only Speed Dance :(
by Zoro The Three Sword Definer August 26, 2022
A phrase to refer to the erection of a penis which i commonly used in parts of the UK.
Wow!, Carl sure has a big Sturdy, I'm suprised he's single
by James Marlow-Smith July 5, 2007
Being Sturdy is like being on of a kind, Loyal, Humble.
Trenton is to Sturdy for these lame chick 🙅🏽 ♂️
by SturdyboulTrent May 16, 2018
very, VERY, skinny one-legged homosexuals with long straight hair and a propensity for the show Glee
"Did you see that sturdy, Kurt, in the hospital today? There was a mass explosion at a gay concert by Rachel Berry at a gay bar"
by Walter Gary August 29, 2020
A Small,feisty ginger bloke, bit cheeky and tends to bite when provoked.
Mate, that little Sturdy should sort his life out!
by Edward Calcutt November 11, 2003