Philosopher who argued that color is not reducible; while the mind can be reduced (into transfinity).

In other words, that color is pre-reduced or reduced-from-the-future.
Goethe argued that science cannot reduce colors. They are transfinite-from-the-future.
by zanderfin July 13, 2020
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Johann wolfgang von Goethe was born in 1749 in Frankfurt, Germany. It would be correct to remark he put german culture on the map. Famous for Faust, Heidelroslein and The sorrows of young Werther. Coined the phrase "pretentious, moi?". All in all, abit of a floppy sausage, and is still annoying people today through education and the Goetheinstitute.

It would be unfair to say he was useless, as he coined a phrase in german that translates as "lick my arse", genius.

"mmm, goethe was important, but a bit of a tool wasnt he?"
"yes he was!"
"nice hair though"
by Jeffrey Douglas August 31, 2006
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this refers to the process of masturbation, a slang created in the game World of WarCraft.
Sometimes guys get in a circle and all kill goethe ont a biscuit, the first and last guys to kill goethe must split the biscuit in half and eat it.

Sorry I'm late for the raid, I was killing Goethe.
by Maroki June 12, 2006
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Amon Goeth was known as Hitler's Nazi Butcher, Amon Goeth (or Goth when you are l337 enuff to put the little cymbols above the o) Ran a forced labour camp in WWII. For fun he would shoot jewish children from his balcony witha sniper rifle. He ordered the liquidation of the Kackrow ghetto and the killing of over 10,000 jews. He then got Hanged. See a pretty version of him in Shindlers List
"Vere are zee children... ahh zere zey are...BANG! MUHAHA I AM ZEE LEET NAZI BUTCHER AMON GOETH!!"
by MephistosMinion November 1, 2005
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The act of shooting people from your balcony while shirtless, smoking a cigarette and looking sexy doing it long as you are not actually overweight like Amon Goeth was.
Whoa, he shot people from his balcony.....Just like Amon Goeth! Wait, no! *gets shot*
by Esthersdead November 29, 2009
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To be shot while doing a menial task by a sniper in a tower or some higher ground. Reminiscent of Amon Goeth sniping concentration camp laborers from his villa. As seen in Schindler’s List.
I was building a fort on DayZ then some dude Goethed me from a tower.
by Shitler42069 December 23, 2022
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