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Nerd, like any other slang word, has many meanings. Some say a Nerd is just anyone who isn't socially skilled. Mainly though, nerds are intellectuals who place their hobbies, usually but not necessarily computers (other types of nerds include Sci-fi nerds, RPG nerds.. These can cross over with computer nerds. See geek). This does NOT mean they jack off to wired magazine, and it DEFINITELY doesn't mean they are usually gay 'out of necessity'. Nerds can be seen as generally more intelligent than 'normal' people, but this only makes up for their lack of 'social skills'. Actually, nerds do have 'lives' with high-paid jobs and communities of nerds, but aren't good at socialising with people who aren't other nerds.
Examples of nerd types:

Computer Nerd
Comic Book Nerd
RPG Nerd
Linux Nerd
Maths Nerd
Trekkie (Or a general Sci-Fi Nerd)

See Geek, practically the same meaning, different spelling and pronunciation.
by your worst nightmare November 14, 2003
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An excellent animated comedy based in an off-the-wall future world. Created by Matt Groening, the legendary creator of The Simpsons. Better than Family Guy, and DEFINITELY better than King Of The Hill.
"Today was a great day, because my Futurama Season 2 Box Set arrived in the post"
by your worst nightmare November 14, 2003
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Now, now...lisagirl. These aren't very 'Christian' thoughts. What would Jesus Do, Hmmmm? When you think about these girls giving head to the basketball team, do you touch yourself? Can you not wait to get home and let your fingers do the walking all over your tender pink bud?
Oh, Oh, Jesus, Jesus...that feels SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! MMMMM
by your worst nightmare April 7, 2003
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Contrary to what many people who add 'definitions' here think, Opinion is not the same as Definition. Opinion is the usually biased twisting of facts based on someone's viewpoint. Definition is impartial fact.
Definition: "The USA is a powerful English-speaking country in North America. It's population is approximately 295 million."

Opinion: "The USA is a country full of ignorant, fat rich bastards who exploit poorer countries so that they can munch more burgers and get even fatter"
by your worst nightmare November 14, 2003
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A thing that a girl wears in the summer so she'll get all the hot guys. mostly really short dresses
wow! look at that pretty dress! i wanna date that girl!
by your worst nightmare March 17, 2005
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this is a word for if you cant hear someone or you just dont understand them.
hey mike!
you dfljetijfgjfgjm
nadda coherrent man.
by your worst nightmare March 17, 2005
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not a goth! more like the tammy-mosher god that thinks there goths!
i did like him up intill 'the golden age of grotesque' then he became popish mainstream shit...
tammy mosher 1 - ooooooh, i just love personal jesus, its so heavy metal...btw, i have that busted album you wanted to lend..
tammy mosher 2 - ooooo, i love manson! hes so goth....ooooo busted! heavy metal!!!!
by your worst nightmare November 9, 2004
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