6 definitions by yohan

The craziest of all ponzis. She is related to the coolest whiteboy to ever walk the planet.
by yohan November 17, 2004
adv. to do something in a crappy or shitty manor.
He shitilly did his homework
by yohan November 11, 2004
A word used by ignoramuses to say penis or shlong. It is often used so that near by adults have no clue what you are talking about.
Mitchell, your shorts are too high, I can see your zhizhi
by yohan November 11, 2004
noun. To form a line in which everyone humps the person in front of them. This can be done with either all guys or a female with a strap-on between each male.
Yo bitch, Our guests are hear, let's have trainal.
by yohan November 14, 2004
noun. A person with an fugly or shate-covered neck. This is an insult often used by children 6 feet tall, named clair.
Hey ass-breath, crap-neck!
by yohan November 14, 2004