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large voluptuous lady, usually of West African origin, so large that it takes 3 pagnes (wraps of cloth) to girdle her ample waist
The term can be used to describe a personality type, i.e. a loud, aggressive lady (usually a market woman) who will steamroll her way to the front of a line, or make fun of you for trying to get her to sell her watermelons cheaper

(A pagne is a French word, widely used in West Africa for a rectangular piece of cloth used as a wrap or to make clothes - a large person would need 3 pagnes to cover themselves
"Oh My God that lady is so rude, she just elbowed me out of the way, shes a real three pagne lady"
"No shes not yet a three pagne lady, she can be sweet sometimes, shes really only a two pagne or at most a 2.5"
by yatenga December 15, 2011
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Of or pertaining to Ronald Reagan especially, his speeches

Term used to describe somebody who appears strong, wise, and presidential but in reality it’s a complete charade and behind the mask the person is a sleepy, dim-witted, pinhead, albeit with some innate cunning and manipulative skills.

Mitt Romney has often been described as reaganesque, which is actually, probably true.

In other worlds, Paulo Coelho is an almost reaganesque author, and Tyler Perry a reagenesque movie director.

The term can also refer to the practice of naming buildings, bridges, airports; erecting statues, etc to living people.
Romney lifted the audience with his reaganesque bearing and gestures.
by yatenga October 06, 2012
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Literally "who pushed me" it is the name of a particularly vile, health damaging, hard liquor distilled from sugar cane in Burkina Faso. While made in the south of the country where crops can actually grow (sugar cane in this case) it is popular in the north particularly in the market town of Ouahigouya. A common sight there of an evening is local men picking themselves up from the dirt, dusting themselves down, and exclaiming in a wounded manner "qui me pousse" the after effects of said beverage.
Jaysus I'm dying, I had at least ten shots of "qui me pousse" last night. That stuff is deadly
by yatenga June 21, 2012
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Irish expression, to engage in sexual intercourse involving a penis
Often used in the context of a reluctant female, cold to amorous advances. A priggish person who could use a slap of the aforementioned object to lighten them up
The old relic is often rendered as the "ould relic"
"Shes kind of stuck up"
"ah nothing that a slap of the old relic wouldnt cure"
by yatenga December 09, 2011
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Of Irish origin, feck is what a lady says when she really wants to say fuck
So Mary is a real lady, when she gets mad she says feck it anyway instead of fuck it
Me Mam told me to tell ye to feck off
by yatenga December 09, 2011
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