Pigwater: A user on GameFAQs with nothing better to do than troll. He is often made fun of and can be found in his natural habitat at Random Insanity.
Pigwater uses his many accounts to troll the crap out of you.
by Jetbunny September 13, 2003
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1. A complete ass-hat
2. Troll
3. A troll who is an complete ass-hat
"You are an ugly skank whore."
"Shut up, you pigwater."
by Maggy June 6, 2003
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Guy who pisses off stupid n00bs at GameFAQs, who are too retarded to realize he's fucking with them
Pigwater is my god.
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
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pigwater > me > Games > CJayC > Everything Else > Moderators
by Geek Pro July 31, 2003
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One of the awesome wonders in the world, ravaging his pirate skills upon your plank.
Pigwater is after you.
by Xion September 24, 2003
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Your superior.
Deftly, the stalky, hulking form the the moist Pigwater abruptly entered the room, and with bloodshot eyes and a snearing grimace upon his toothy maw, donkey punches Wolfgang Visarett into the cold, unforgiving ground, for all eternity.
by vgboy2002 June 2, 2004
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