A post-apocalyptic wasteland, graal was once an illustrious world populated by people sitting around complaining and de facto noobs alike. The people who ran graal have subsequently all died, and graal is now sustained by its remaining players. Concentrated in rubbish new-age playerworlds attempting to mimc World of Warcraft, none of graals remaining players had been e-born in the start level, and subsequently joined a graal noob guild pre-2007. Graalians remain oblivious to their rich past due to graal classic being messed around with too many times, and also because they are more interested in trying to buy things via Mass PMs, an idiosyncratic phenomenon restricted to modernist-fail servers. Graal is run from an abandoned building with boarded up windows somewhere in France. At the topmost floor of this building, in a scarce, derelict room is the graal server, a large computer from the late 1990s plugged into a cracked paint-chipped wall. without the global staff the computer has fallen into insanity, creating accounts with names like graal83754 and hosting crap playerworlds. Next to the computer is the skeleton of once notorious manager Unixmad, sat in an old wooden chair and still in a moth-eaten sleezy suit and a pair of dust-covered dior shoes. On unixmads desk the aftermath of an uneaten chocolate croissant slowly grows. This mouldy croissant is destined to one day consume the server and graal will be no more, the remaining players will be disconnected forever and never get their money back. It is only a matter of time.
Person 1: Dude, lets play graal!

Person 2: No way, count me out, graal. . . man that's some dark stuff.

Person A: I'm a level 80 mage on WoW

Person B: You've never played graal so you're a noob.

Douchebag: you haven't played since 1998 so you're a noob.

Graalian: Graal Online is the only game where pking requires any skill

Non-Graalian: THIS IS 2D I HATE IT

Curmudgeon: Graal was so much better back in the day. . .
by 'Midbie' June 16, 2009
A Bad addiction which, tho everyone seems to hate it, Everyone seems to play it..(see quitting only to be caught online months later)
see also crack
Dude: Yo jimmy, wanna go fuck wit' security gaurds and cause shite?

Jimmy: Naw I'm gonna go play graal... and I told you, call me "U7t1/\/\@t3 n00bz0rz (baddies)"!¿
by i r pwnz joo! August 6, 2003
A game that often people can't pronounce.
You can't pronounce graal.
by Viktor December 10, 2003
Game that is insanely easy to take advantage of; Scripting is too easy to abuse and the level editor is too damn simple. Addicting as hell, this game should not be played more than an hour a day.
dood, teh gr44l ROXORSZDS!!11111oneoneone
by Domino March 31, 2005
A game where lamers get owned on and whine about it elsewhere due to having no skills in rapid keyboard-key pressing. Also see 1337
Lam0r: Liek OMG I got pwned on Graal, so im gonna whine about it and say bad stuff an hax0r it lelelelelel!!!1111one
Graal 1337 Guy: Dude, you suxor, Graal is teh 1337, go play Diablo lam0r.
by Baroshi February 24, 2004
the dorkeisest thing i have ever done me and my brother used to play it for hgours i wood it like 2-3 tops he once literalty played for 14 hours

graal funn mmorpg that was ruined wen it went p2p
graal is awesome like onlnie zelda to bad they queered it up bye making it pay 2 play
by xion May 9, 2005
A very addictive game that I happen to play and owns even though if u want a special account you have to pay but it last for a lifetime soo who gives a crap and is fun b/c it is online and u can communicate with friends and buy awesome items and hats and kill and atack ppl
by Graalpwnsall July 2, 2006