A private institution for kids with canada gooses.

Unless you're an ugly guy, because you probably won't get laid anywhere else that doesn't have a 4-6 guy to girl ratio. You're either a snake in Questrom, a socially inept Eng kid crying, or you don't know what you want to do in CAS.

Guy 1: Hey, do you know if it's possible to get an A at Boston University?

Guy 2: Haha no, we have the worst grade deflation in the country
by Versac November 18, 2018
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one extremely underrated Boston University that has a reputation for cranking out millionaires, billionaires, jet set, Hollywood actors, media giants (eg. Howard Stern, Bill O'Reilly, Geena Davis, Carolyn Bisset, MLK, Jr., Rosie O'Donnell, Jason Alexander, etc.)that surpasses Boston College, is more marketable than Harvard University (job wise since Harvard grads are overqualified to begin with), second to only M.I.T. scholastically, is put down as a slacker, rich snobby stoner shithead school cos bastards who write shit on urbandicitonary are poor shitheads who have nothing better to do cos they are insecure, retarded shitheads who are poor and worthless. BU surpasses BC financially, research wise, academically, socially, has kick ass geniuses for faculty, boasts 4 Nobel Prize winners, has an a$$ kicking hockey team that cranks out future NHL players, and mind you, those eurotrash dudes in their Ferraris, Lamborghinis,Porsches, Mercedes, etc. are brilliant, elite studly man whores who probably bagged your girlfriend or wife and partied with you and all.

so cya, motherfuckers! ;) hehe!
Boston University is one of the choices for genius whiz kids who score a perfect 1600 in their SATs and turned down Harvard University, Yale University, or Princeton University. The only reason that it is lower ranked is that US News & World Report (the retarded version of Time Magazine for people who can't read above a 10th grade reading level, mind you) brainwashes everyone and are jealous of BU) and that the Ancient Eight (Ivy League schools) don't want tehir sorry stick-up-their-ass reps being blown by this one kick ass institution with a great a$$ social life.

if i had my way my first choice would be:

1) BU - genius, rich ass slackersand hottest, snobbiest chicks on the planet
2) M.I.T. - cool ass party genius geeks who party with BU students.
3) Harvard University - the best of the best and still the best of the best three and over centuries counting yet if ya don't get a job right after graduationg from Harvard, then something is sickly wrong! then ya shoulda went to BU or M.I.T.
by John Shin March 21, 2005
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the prestigious elite university of Boston, Massachusetts.
I went to BU.

Isn't BC better?

no, man! what are you, stupid?

yes, yes I am!
by John Shin July 01, 2004
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Person 1: So where are you going to college?
Person 2: Boston University
Person 3: wow nice job, good school.
by wordtothewise August 12, 2010
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the hottest school in Boston that cranks out millionares and celebrities. haven for good-looking rich kids that drive around in their bmws and benzes with their gucci and prada gear. no matter what they tell you, all Boston College kids wish they went to BC. the parties at BU last all nite, and the hottest kids hang out there. the BU kids hang out on newbury st., boston's rodeo drive. BU has four Nobel Prize winners, as opposed to BC which has NONE. this school is truly the place to be.
Two guys in a bar in Boston:

Guy 1: Who are those sexy girls standing by the bar?

Guy 2: They're definetely from BU.
by Lisa P. June 06, 2005
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the prestigious elite university of Boston.
I went to BU.

yeah? isn't BC better?

no, man! what are you? stupid?!
by John Shin July 01, 2004
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A top American university that is consistently in the nations top 50. Beautiful new buildings, top staff, and excellent athletics all around. Unfortunately, BU has decided that instead of academic selectivity(you know based on stupid stuff like grades) they prefer financial barriers. They achieve this through outrageous tuition and terrible to non existent financial aid packages.

Sure there are a few bright bulbs who picked full boats to BU over full price at an Ivy and a couple of choice athletes, but overall BU students are from a very small demographic: New England elite illiterates. The typical BU male works out at the gym for 3 minutes a day and begins/ends every sentence with either a 'bro' or a 'yaw dude.' Your typical female schedules her classes around her Darque Tan appointments for the that month and goes out with one of the aforementioned yah dudes or broskis. These prada and ambercrombie wearing morons crowd onto the B line every day and yammer on their cellphones about that nights lame party in a way that lets everyone on the train know that they are the coolest kid in town. Once you get past the three BU stops the decibel level on the train drops by a factor of ten, a wave of sighs let off, and all the babies on board stop crying. It sux to BU.

BU Student: Yah dude, so I decided to go to Boston University kid.
Me: Oh yeah? Where else did you get into?
BU Student: ...My dad has a yacht.
Me: That's nice.
by M0LEY July 10, 2008
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