A very expensive upscale department store headquartered in Dallas Texas. They also have a store on fifth avenue in New York City.
Person 1: Did you see the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog?

Person 2: Oh yes, the one with the 50,000 dollar faberge egg, 100,000 dollar BMW car and one million dollar vacation in it?

Person 1: That's the one!
by azx May 1, 2008
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Super high end luxury department store also known as "Needless Mark-up." Basically if you're not ready to pay too much for retail then don't shop here. Won't take any other credit card aside from their own store card, all other transactions must be in cash. So if you're a mobster or a drug dealer then this is your place to shop. Otherwise better hit the ATM a couple of times before you go.
Martin: "Dude check out my new Pradas!"
Josh: "Nice! Where'd you find em at?"
Martin: I got em at Neiman Marcus for $500, I coulda gotten em at the company's store for $450 but that's how I role."

Robert: "Sorry I'm late."
Tina: "it's cool, did you get held up in traffic?"
Robert: "No I had to use the other entrance of the mall because Neiman Marcus was doing their annual party for the customers who spend $25000 or more a year."
by window shopper November 2, 2009
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Them muh fuckas that be shopping at that fuuf ass store neiman marcus. they be pocket watching way too much, you’ll never catch Yumpao in the flesh there
by Yumpao September 9, 2023
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