3 definitions by william-joe

hotness it's self..he is the j o s of my little world..I LOVE BILLIE-JOE!
billie joe is so hot
by william-joe December 4, 2005
a group of noncomforming reformers..piant on their nails and makeup on their faces..play guitar and wright sucide notes..they don't jump around when they go to shows..
those emo kids look good in their little sister's jeans!
by william-joe December 4, 2005
an emo kid is an emotional kid who feels the world hates them. they are often compared to goth though not at all the same thing. emo's are the kids who wright sucide notes and slit their wrist. they will not come out and say their emo if they do they are poser the emo kid is the depressed kid that says they don't need help...wears little sisters pants and thinks they look good
that emo kid over there looks good in his tight jeans!
by william-joe December 4, 2005