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It's a Long ass Boat
by wil August 13, 2003
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A city between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia with around 7,000 people. The highlights of the town are the Wal-Mart, Waffle House and Huddle house.
Its main inhabitants are rednecks and speds, so hey why not come and visit it! you can get here through US 78, state highways 81 and 20.
"While driving through Loganville, I made a purchase at it's world famous 2nd largest Wal mart."
by wil July 01, 2004
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A homeboy from the state of Oklahoma
What is up my Oklahomie?
by Wil July 01, 2004
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one who crazes for sex, aka loves to bang
Why are you such a fletch?
by Wil March 20, 2005
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a link, connection or ie between objects. Also known as the centre of things
The nexus of our universe is the sun.
There is a nexus between the murder or your sister, and your brother.
by WiL November 07, 2004
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Fucking Italian Attempt (at) Transport

Also according to one member of the TopGear audience made in France...
The "Cinqecuento" (or hover the hell you spell it) is a Fucking Italian Attempt (at) Transport
by Wil July 25, 2004
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someone who has consumed anytype od drug, and preceeds to talk shit, or do stupid things. Paranoia is also a comon form of wigging out.
dave - "im going to batter you with my bong!"(waveing a medium sized indian hookah bong)
Wil - "what? fuckoff!"
Dave - "im tell you man im goin to fuck you up!"
Wil - "dave man your wigging out!"
by Wil February 18, 2005
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