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A place where everyone secretly hates each other includin students, staff and teachers and is a nightmare. They force you to do useless work while they also expect you to put up with peer pressure,your home life and social life.
by whoever July 12, 2003
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Something that people use to label others. Normally judeged by what music they listen to (go figure) or how they dress and normally are NOT judged by the person they really are
by whoever July 12, 2003
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Mysterious, perhaps bipolar enigmatic frontman of new york band interpol. Looks like Haley Joel Osment's preppy older brother. Likes bloody marys.
by whoever August 6, 2004
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A hotel, motel or other place of lodging that is well below average cleanliness standards.
Person 1: It's 3am... I think we should just stay here. I dont think there's another hotel for miles.

Person 2: F**king jit hutch! Alright, get your bags out!
by whoever March 16, 2004
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A lower class of human being, posessing a low I.Q, with a higher ability to irritate and generally piss you the fuck off.
by whoever August 7, 2004
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Person who engages in having sexual intercourse with animal under the age of 16 years (animal years according to the animal's aging cycle).
Michael is really becoming a Beastialpeadophile, we should start to keep an eye on him
by whoever March 15, 2004
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Billy is the gorgeous guitar player in good charlotte (Benji too is gorgeous)and has the most beautiful eyes ever!He is amazing!
by whoever July 12, 2003
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