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(1) gibbed - (verb {past tense})
1. Any act in which a person or persons get screwed over without their knowledge or consent. The victim, not for a lack of knowlegde is played and are generally unaware of the fact that they have been screwed over. The act is usually accompanied by the 'gibber' throwing up their hands and a)laughing or b)saying something to the effect of "Fuck it, I'm out" when the gibbing is revealed.
(2.a) gib (noun)
A small metal or wooden wedge used for keeping a machine part in place.
(2.b)(gibbed, gibbing) verb
To secure with a gib.
Etymology: 18c.
(1) 'Buddy A' is left at the table in the eyeline of a watching bartender as he sees 'Buddy B' and 'Buddy C' take off out of the bar without paying their share of the tab, having left the table in the guise of hitting the bathroom before leaving the establishment. 'Buddy A' has been gibbed.
(2) That machine was shaking quite a bit, but its better now that its been gibbed.
by whiskymack September 06, 2005

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Two badass muhfuckkas from the T-Dot who be teaching fuckaz whut its all about
Double D Unit REP-RE-SENT... WHAT!!
by whiskymack February 20, 2004

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To alleviate anal pressure by means of the excretion of gasses and/or feces with a noxious effect on the surrounding area

synonym: Drop bombs
"Damn, stay out the loo for a while. I just dropped science like Einstein!"
by whiskymack February 20, 2004

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Originating from an episode of the Simpsons (episode 2F19 "The PTA Disbands")
It has taken on a comical nonsensical interjectional use... appropriate as comic relief or as a tension breaker
-'Jeezus!! who the hell ate the last jos louis?'
- 'purple monkey dishwasher?'
by whiskymack July 14, 2004

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