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verb / draint • ing

the act of drawing and painting

simultaneously, typically using paint pens.
The origin of the word "draint" is from the widely popular Youtube channel Moriah Elizabeth, otherwize known as 'ME'.
by whatyoustaringat. August 9, 2020
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booze in the form of a berry
"Pssstt! Did you bring the... binkilberry?"
"Yeah, it's here and ready to, um... eat."
by whatyoustaringat. May 7, 2021
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Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger-von Helsinger Kepelugerhoffer (known premaritally as Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger) is the main antagonist of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, often appearing in several episodes. She was a hotel inspector from Germany in her first appearance.
"I- I just"
"Your name-"
"I can't- I just- ok, what's your name?"
"Oh, ja! for some reason people have trouble. I am Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger-von Helsinger Kepelugerhoffer ."
by whatyoustaringat. May 7, 2021
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The best couple ever. #CoupleGoals
everyone ships itttt
by whatyoustaringat. June 8, 2021
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Pronounced: Sem-PEAR OO-bee SUB OO-bee

A Latin phrase told by your surfing science teacher who teaches his cats to surf.

Meaning: Always wear your underwear
Two girls run over to a boy, giggling.
Girl 1: "We have some advice for you,"

Boy: "Oh yeah?"
Girl 2: "Yeah."
Girls 1 and 2: "Semper ubi sub ubi !!"
Boy: "Wat-"
The girls run away, giggling even harder than before.
by whatyoustaringat. May 7, 2021
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Magen MAY-gen, name

Magen is a beautiful girl, who is very creative and loves to sing and to act.
She is very fun and talented, and she knows it. She is a great artist, but always puts herself down about it.

She has great friends, and her best friend is closer to her in more ways than one. She has amazing fashion sense, and loves to go clothes shopping.
Tiktok is Magen's favorite social media platform, and she loves to dance, though she hates to perform in public.
Magen is very spunky, her favorite movie genre being horror, and her favorite color generally, being black or purple.
Magen hopes to become a famous singer or popstar in adulthood.
Story takes place in 2035, CE. Setting: Hollywood blvd.

Two friends who haven't seen each other since 7th grade, since Magen had gone off to acting school.
Magen is running away from the paparazzi, and crashes into someone.

MAGEN: Omygosh, I'm so sorry!
PERSON *rubs head*: No problem, hehe!

PERSON *looks up to see MAGEN*: Omygosh!!! Magen! It's me, Abby, your best friend from 7th grade!
Magen: What?! Really!!?! I haven't seen you in forever! You know, I still have the necklace you made me on my last day of 7th grade?!
ABBY: Awwww! You really never did forget me, did you?!
*The two embrace, and the paparazzi swirl up a storm*

by whatyoustaringat. September 30, 2020
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