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A beautiful unique soul, rarest of all around. The Queen of all Queens
I never met anyone like Magen.
by Pearl white December 21, 2016
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1. (n) being a very beautiful, sweet, kind, amazing, young innocent girl with amazing talents that lights up your whole day. The one thing that makes you smile everytime you see her :)

2. (v) the act of being gorgeous, stunning, intelligent, amazing, sweet, and funny

3. (adj) magilicious
AWWWW Thats such a Magen

You look Magilicious
by Jospeh Steiner Biotch!!!! April 06, 2012
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a sexy beast who has a perfect body, tits, ass, and evrything, verry selfcontious about her looks, tends to belive the false statment that she is ugly, and flawd evrywhere.
"Your so perfect, why dont you see it? Your a such a magen."
by DaOneNinJew November 22, 2007
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