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Ironically, the fear of long words.

"sesquippedalio" relates to long words
"phobia" is an irrational fear
"hippopoto" and "monstro" (short for hippopotamus and monster) exaggerate the length of the word

synonym: sesquippedaliophobia means exactly the same thing

alt spellings: "pedalio" instead of "ppedalio"
guy: I have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. *(guy starts hyperventilating)*
by whatserface December 11, 2008

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Just like that's what she said, exept what a guy would say.
Bob: I could really use a hand.
Tod: That's what he said.

Julie: Betcha can't stick that whole lolly-pop in your mouth.
Emily: That's what he said.
by whatserface June 14, 2007

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A person who just has to make everything make sense. Speaking of which, smartass is a oxymoron because an ass is a stupid person so smartass means "smart stupid person".
(not exactly the opposite of dumbass because a dumbass really is an idiot but a smartass isnt neccessarily a genius)
I guess this definition makes me a smartass
by whatserface November 04, 2007

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Born Reginald Albert Forman in 1927, a fictional character played by Kurtwood Larson Smith on the kick-ass comedy That 70s Show (originally aired on FOX) who always threatens to stick his foot up someone's ass. Father of Eric and Laurie Forman. World War II veteran. Truly dissapointed in his son for being a wimpy nerd. Always calls Eric and his friends "dumbass"es.
Bob Pinciotti: Thanks Red. If I had some mistletoe, I'd kiss ya.
Red Forman: And if I had some mistlefoot, it'd be up your ass.
by whatserface November 04, 2007

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'seriously' spelled without the vowels.
used by lazy people on the internet.
iNtErNeTmAnIaC1: dis site is teh BOMBZORS!!!
InTeRnEtMaNiAc2: SRSLY dude!
by whatserface November 30, 2007

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1. the wrong way to spell masturbate
2. the best brand of bait, just like Master Lock...not really
guy1: I masterbait when i'm bored
guy2: what a noob

2. this doesn't exist
by whatserface June 23, 2007

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to make stupider; reduce the intelligence of
Listening to George W. Bush really dumbed me down.

(dumb down)
by whatserface December 05, 2008

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