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1. What many hippies of the 60s and 70s turned into in the 80s and 90s with the best intentions, except without drugs or any attempt to change the world. They almost all live in the Southwest, are obsessed with Egypt, India, or someplace else that's exotic, they mix the worst parts of all Eastern and Pagan Religions and say "I'm spiritual, not religious." Almost all are sold out baby boomer women that are not quite fat, have orange hair, and have overbites. They would probably say to this definition, in their draining whisper, "I'm picking up on a lot of hostility here. Can I do Reiki on you?"
2. The music they play while meditating on why Native Americans and Asians don't all love them even though they have the respect to drain their traditions.
I had a vision from the Spirit I was at the Pyramids and suddenly Isis blanketed me inside a blanket of warm healing energy. You know what that means, I was Nefertiti in a past life. Oh, and these Tibetan monks were giving me prayer flags. And there was some Enya song in the background."
by whatever works June 05, 2005

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insulting name for a Republican, playing partially on the parties racism in the past and partially on the way it is run. See Amerikkka
George Bush is such a fucking republikkaan
by whatever works January 27, 2005

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1. Album by the MC5, one of the best bands ever
2. Song by the MC5
3. It's said a lot by hard rock and punk fans before doing something big
"Kick out the Jams motherfucker!"
by whatever works April 16, 2005

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1- A place in religion, a good place with pearly gates and all that that people go after they die
2- A word said by people that don't want to curse and don't even want to say fake curse words (darn, heck, etc.)
1- Ye have entered heaven
2- My good heavens! What is that?
by whatever works January 27, 2005

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A state which is (or was) the home to the kids responsible to Columbine, the Ramsey family, Alfred Packerd the cannibal, and Focus on the Family. A state where you are either from a big city but you have SAD and your doctor told you to move, a yuppie who read an article about how great Denver is for business or kids, a New Ager who wants to be in Boulder with your crystals, a religious wacko, a farmer, a suburbanite, a collegekid, or training with the Air Force. No wonder so many people end up having illegal affairs here or killing people.
I'm in Colorado now, fun.
by whatever works February 04, 2005

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