34 definitions by weedhead11111111111111111

do you smoke a bong?
do I smoke a bong?
does that guy smoke a bong?
does she smoke a bong?
does that tranny smoke a bong?
does that fat black lesbian smoke a bong?
does that mentally retarded pigeon smoke a bong?
does that guy released from prison after serving his sentence of marijuana abuse smoke a bong?
many questions this has been a life lesson by sKuGlOoL.
Jordan: I made that pigeon smoke my weed.
Cameron: what happened?
Jordan: it died.
by weedhead11111111111111111 March 14, 2018
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first you must dress in a suit made out of condoms then run up to the nearest walmart, big w, kmart or JB hifi at night and break in and steal a iPhone x to look up bestiality porn in church on their wifi and when the pastor asks you "what are you doing" you say "the holy rubber roll".
Jason: hey ben I succeeded doing the holy rubber roll .
Ben: yeah man
Jason: yeah but I got arrested can you pay my fee to get me out of prison? please?
by weedhead11111111111111111 February 27, 2018
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someone with a nice rounded buttery cream puff (pussy) and nice cherry donuts on top (boobs) and some nice cream buns (ass) that you just wanna eat up and beat up starting off with your tongue licking up the buttery cream puff up and down until it spurts out whipped cream on your face then start licking the cherry donuts then start nibbling on the cream buns until she says "ouch what the fuck are you doing?!" then slap her in the face.
Josh : I gave a girl the LUMP SATISIFIER
Sarah: yeah thanks it was nice.
Josh: your a hore Sarah.
slutmoth ballbag looking tit fanny eat my ass like a cupcake and shut the nigga dick up bitch and fuck this shit im out
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Bob: I saw you molesting a snake Jill.
Jill: shut the fuck up that was my anorexic baby who still had the cord attached.
Bob: oh..........
by weedhead11111111111111111 March 14, 2018
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anything inappropriate but still funny
dressing up as hello kitty at a Japanese business interview.
parking in a disabled spot dressed in overalls yelling profanities at a cactus.
dressing up as a fish to a funeral for a guy who drowned alive.
Justin: hey James wanna get up to some Dank Malarky?

James: yeah what if we dress up like ladies and have casual sex with paying men.
Justin: I guess
by weedhead11111111111111111 February 6, 2018
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