The best fucking city in all of Nevada, also the Meth capital of the state of Nevada and possibly the U.S.
That's some quality Carson City Meth biotch!
by Paprika! July 22, 2008
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when you take a poo and you wipe your ass with toilet paper leaving it on the roll and then winding it back up
yesterday I did one of the most perfect carson city rewinds at the local AMPM
by brady8 March 21, 2007
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When a girl lies on her back and puts her legs behind her head so she's curled up like a ball with her fa-la-la sticking up in the air. The male counterpart then squats over the girl and begins intercourse. Mid-coitus he produces the poop he's stored up from a lunch of pepperoni Hot Pockets, and shits into the girl counterparts' perfectly aligned anus.
Karen made me pepperoni Hot Pockets for lunch. You know what that means...Carson City Milkshake. *high five*
by Sir Poopington Fantastic October 7, 2009
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1. noun. when your doing a milf from behind and you 3-way conference call her kids and husband right when you bust a nut and yell "I'm fuckin your mom!!" give her the phone and leave.

also known as the Tallahassee Two Timer
"Yo, i heard James pulled a Carson City Conference Call on that bitch last night"
by mattypants12 March 4, 2008
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