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The 6 million (out of 300 million) Americans who

1) own and operate 65-75% of U.S. media. Not conspiracy, check the facts.

2) generally infiltrate every area or field where high levels of education are needed and/or high salaries are paid.

3) are the most fascinated by WASPs and secretly wish they could be them. New money and lack of humility doesn't cut it, though.

4) empathize and sympathize with racial minorities and support their causes/politics but wouldn't be caught dead living next to one. (Though they do hire them as domestic help)

5) often use their "victimhood" or "persecution" as manipulative mechanisms to get what they want — while most of them earn six-figure salaries and live in the wealthiest areas of the US.

6) would be highly offended by these highly accurate descriptions and would, of course, point at me and call me an anti-Semite.
"Nearly everything in America today — politics, media, health, academia, business, entertainment, finance, foreign relations — are cultivated by, owned by, or influenced by American Jews. Is this merely based on merit or is it ethnocentric and cultural manipulation? You decide."
by vanderblick January 19, 2010
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