A denomination of the Protestant Christian religion, typically known as the service oriented denomination as well as one of the more liberal Christian denomination. Focus on predestination (belief that God has a predetermined plan for your life) and grace (God's free gift of love that one can not deserve and can not earn). All races, genders, sexualities, etc are welcome.
I got tired of my faith community being judgmental so I became Presbyterian.

Helping with the local soup kitchen was sponsored by First Presbyterian Church.
by acbrasvolleychick18.6 January 8, 2011
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A rare breed of dog that generally rejects any concept of gender. It is distinguished by its small stature, usually brown in colour and very active. It sets itself apart from other breeds by its propensity to try and mate with small stuffed animals, regardless of any external assignment of gender.

In the 1990s the breed was often called a ‘Stoned Britany Spears,’ since Presbyterian is an anagram for ‘Britney Spears.’ That practice has declined along with Miss Spears cultural relevance and will likely follow her into her rightful place in the realm of obscurity.
My friend’s dog is what’s known as a ‘High Presbyterian’ ‘Abby,’ has a toy they call a ‘fuck dragon,’ although physically female, the dog is constantly trying to mate with small stuffed dragons.
by jb4377 March 26, 2020
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The Jedi Order according to the Chinese translation of Episode III: ROTS aka Backstroke of the West
"I was made by the Presbyterian Church" - Anakin Skywalker
by Koriand'r July 15, 2005
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1. The moment when one stops lamenting long enough to catch a breath.
2. Scotch whiskey, preferably single-malt.
"Shirley stopped whining just long enough for a bit of Presbyterian joy."
"Pour me another shot of that Presbyterian joy."
by James J. Mitchell September 6, 2006
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An Jewish alternative to jew down, meaning to haggle down a price.
presbyterian down: She wanted $1500 a month for the tiny beachside studio apartment, but I presbyterianed her down to $1250.
by GlitterPony August 30, 2008
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This is a private school in Houston, Texas. Very irrelevant kids go there, the girls there are not attractive. The boys are weird. These kids need help.
Guy 1: oh god, look its a presbe lesbe kid/ presbyterian school walking over here towards us.
Guy 2: Ewww hes a faggot and weird.
by shawtyhawty February 25, 2018
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