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Some random dude from america runs for president.Donald j trump the one who always likes to eat his 10 big-mac's and be lazy sitting on his desk all day, makes his maids stare at him to make him feel better whenever he loses in electoral votes in a state. got his son Barron trump a lambo and the kid doesn't know how to drive but donald trump is like " no no son take the lambo". The son " DAD I CAN'T DRIVE A CAR". donald trump" I don't care". so this is trump's personality.
hey your just like the 45th president.
by use code 69 November 4, 2020
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Our Savior AKA. Joe Biden, Won the election and kicked trumps ass out from the white house for the next four years.
by use code 69 March 18, 2021
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a bunch of dumb babies who watch it to get a degree. AKA: Cocomelon TV. B
baby1: YES! I finally got my cocomelon degree. baby2: WHAT IS A COCOMELON DEGREE. baby3: its when you know how to do this: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz dummy.
by use code 69 November 4, 2020
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An idiot that will run an overrated business.
A person that has a dream and the total opposite of it happens.
Hey can I call you a Corvette. Not because your the CEO of Corvette, but because you thought this would be the best business in the world but its overrated.
by use code 69 November 4, 2020
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Its when a man and a woman do "it" and have kids and they form a family. They stand for each other they care for each other. And that is a family
by use code 69 June 9, 2021
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Some scary made up character from " Stranger Things" which loves to feast/prey on anyone victim it see's.
by use code 69 March 18, 2021
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