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To go completely ape shit on someone's ass.To beat them within an inch of there life. To show no mercy. To rip off your face and eat it.
Dude 1: Man your such a faggot!

Dude 2: Call me a faggot one more time and I swear I'll Go Connecticut Chimp On Your Ass.
by urbanmacgyver October 10, 2010
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To lay waste to one self means to shit your pants
John: Dude whats that smell, did you just Lay Waste Too Yourself.

Arnold: Damn Skippy!

John: Were in public you sick sunava bitch!
by urbanmacgyver May 24, 2009
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Guns commonly seen in the hands of gangsters and ghetto people. Uzi's,Ak's,MAC-10's,Tec-9's,AR-15's,Glock's,Desert eagles,ect.
David: Yo man I just got the H&k 416

William: Oh yeah, well I just got the AA-12

Jose: Hey guys my cousin just got shot so I got his grease gun

David: Seriously Dude, thats some world war II bullshit.

Jose: I also got a glock

William: What generation?

Jose: First

David: Enough with these Ghetto Guns dude.
by urbanmacgyver May 31, 2010
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The act of running with stolen goods under both arms. And instead of taking small steps you take long strides.
Ronny: Hey look!

Ethan: What...Oh Its that crack head from the ghetto. running with some speakers. yup he's doing the Ghetto Run.

Ronny: yup. Those look a little like my speakers... Oh shit get him!
by urbanmacgyver July 29, 2009
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A dumb hore who's essentially worthless
Mike: Did you hear hear that fat racist bitch amy talking crap about chinease people

George: Yeah, she hasn't even met a chinease person

Mike: Wow, so she's saying shit for shock value. that bitch's a total K Kardashian
by urbanmacgyver February 10, 2011
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Tony: Dude when Sarah was grinding me I gave one hell of a Standing Ovation
by urbanmacgyver September 23, 2009
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To break the previous level of bad. For a situation that has already hit the fan but still maneges to get much more worse.
Tom: Did you hear what ryan did?

Louis: No,what?

Tom: He had a warrent out for unpaid parking tickets,and,originally, he would have just gotten house arrest and probation.

Louis: Man thats bad

Tom: It gets worst; the cops turned over his car and found weed, coke, and a hand grenade!Motherfucker's gonna get 5 to 10 now!

Louis: 5 too 10! Thats worse then bad,Thats breaking bad!
by urbanmacgyver June 19, 2011
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