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a bucket of ice from the store in front of a bad-ass fan
The hottest day of the year - needed ice for the ghetto a/c as the regular a/c was off'd by Edison.
by urbanboi September 28, 2010
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A circumcision in which the scar is close to the glans and little skin is excised
His circumcision is so low and loose you'd think he wasn't circumcised at all.
by urbanboi April 23, 2009
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Yet another slang term for a circumcised penis.
He wasn't Jewish but he'd been sliced when he was a baby.
His cock was so nicely sliced that I couldn't stop myself!
by urbanboi July 7, 2009
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Having been circumcised by a gomco clamp.
The characteristic brown scar left by a gomco circumcision clamp.

A penis circumcised by a gomco clamp.
His penis had the ring of confidence - the brown scar - so typical of being gomcoed.
He loved that his parents had gomcoed him when he was born.
His gomcoed circumcision was a delight to behold (and hold)!
No smegma on him, he was gomcoed.
by urbanboi June 7, 2010
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Emailing or texting all in upper case letters. Either aggressively to make a point or in ignorance not knowing how to cancel CapsLock.
Knowing that he was losing the terrgument he pressed CapsLock, AND KEPT IT ON FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, E-SHOUTING his way out of defeat.

She was so ignorant that she was e-shouting and offending everyone when she forgot to cancel CapsLock and E-SHOUTED AT EVERYONE ALL DAY.
by urbanboi June 9, 2010
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A style of dress that is completely eclectic. Often inappropriate to the formality of the occasion, but never commented upon. Clothes that you feel comfortable in and don't have to worry about color coordination, about style, or about offending anyone else. Frequently out of place, but with so many other California whatevers not even noticed.

Mix and not match wear.

The wearing of beach wear away from the beach.
Are you going to the church social tonight?
I don't know, what's the dress code?
The pastor said "California whatever", so in this heat it'll be shorts, a tank top and flipflops.

She was so strangely dressed for graduation that she must have though it said California whatever.

There was no dress code at the shop so we experimented with California whatever every day.

My brother, the surfer, is a true California whatever aficionado.
by urbanboi July 24, 2011
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v - to flatter - from Irish Gaelic
The man so loved the busty bartender he plamarsed her endlessly
by urbanboi July 10, 2009
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