a snow bunny is a white girl who is known to go for black guys
"hey I think I may go for savanah"
"nah bro she's a snow bunny she won't go for your white ass"
by urahoe 21 January 3, 2020
a white girl who only fucks with black guys
Girl: I only date black guys.
Guy: You’re such a snow bunny!
by mrcoolman222 April 21, 2020
a fucking hot snowboard chick that likes to ride power in a g string
i watched that snowbunny ride that powder all day
by ryan January 30, 2004
Cocaine addict, usually female. Also refers to chicks who snowboard.
Courtney Love is a snow bunny.
by Heather Casteel July 27, 2004
a girl that goes to the mountains to wear cute ski/snowboard clothes to drink hot chocolate and hit on the hot ski lift boys. usually not very good at skiing/snowboarding.
guy 1: Dang, that snow bunny that's been hanging in the lodge all week is hella cute.

guy 2: Yeah, but man that girl can't ski for shit.
by Bunnies101 November 26, 2012
cute women that are snowboarding at a mountain and are decent.
i talked to a bangin snow bunny on the lift up earlier
by joo-ish September 28, 2010
A white girl who only likes black or brown guys
That girl is totally a snow bunny, look at her with all them
by lazyx.xx December 23, 2019