Rossford. Hmm what to say. You either love it, or you hate it. With our amazing football team *cough*, and school known for it's hygenic and intelligent students *cough*, it's a wonder why some hate it...

But don't let me make Rossford sound bad, it's not all that bad :) I mean growing up in Rossford you get a great sense of family because everybody knows everybody and everything about them. Also it's a very beautiful place, there's Veteran's Park and Beach Street. I mean who wouldn't want to spend a day there? Take a wiff of the Maumee River, watch a game of underhand lob life is grand ain't it.

Or or or! You could get ice cream from that ice cream place, whatever the hell it's name is now? I mean they change it every 2 days or so it seems.

Another good thing about Rossford is the annual All Saints Festival. I would be there now, but I don't want to crush the 100 year old ponies and listen to polka music.

Anywho, if you haven't realized I was talking in a sarcastic tone, well yeah, I have been the whole time. That's what we are, a bunch of sarcastic Polish people.

Butttt, nevertheless, I will miss this little shithole when I go off to college :

P.S.-Give a shout out to the bird man if you see him!! And! Don't forget to hate on Perrysburg!!
Girl: I loveeee Rossford!
Boy: Me toooo :) Wanna sell weed to some people?
by 3!0h!3 July 24, 2010
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A town located in Northwestern Ohio south of Toledo, harboring the same cultural stagnancy of its neighboring city. It borders the southern bank of the Maumee river. It contains a Colony area where fancy houses abound, and it has a healthy amount of business near 80-90. Nevertheless, Rossford is but a mere rusting shadow beneath Toledo.

Named after the combination of the town's founder's surname and his wife's surname.
Nothing is more interesting than walking into Rossford's Rec Center only to find that half the machines are broken.
by Supersysscvi January 15, 2009
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Rossford, OH is a small suburb outside the shithole of Toledo, OH. Rossford is nicknamed "The Crossroads of America" by its citizens for the simple fact that I-75 and I-80/90 intersects in it and both stretch the length and width of the country. Rossford has Libbey-Owens-Ford which is best known for making automotive glass (such as Toledo is known as the Glass City). Rossford has 3 primary schools, Glenwood (where the trashy kids go), Indian Hills (the "Middle Class"), and Eagle Point (Rich kids). There is one junior high and one high school. The high school's mascot is the Bulldog and no sports team has won anything in years (Last major sport to win a league title was Football in 2003). Rossford also attempted to build a arena/ampitheater but that was put down after a big pile of dirt was brought in (nicknamed Mt. Zukowski in honor of the mayor who's failed attempt failed). Mt. Zukowski was dissassembled in early 2009. Rossford has aprox. 9 bars and you can see any of Rossford's "finest" there. Rossford is a shithole town plain and simple like Toledo.
Bill: You moved here from where?

Tom: Rossford, OH its outside Toledo

Bill: Sucks for you

Tom: Yeah if Toledo is shit, Rossford is the shart.

Bill: Nice.
by movedthehellouttarossford February 6, 2010
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