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One of the most exciting wide recievers in the NFL. Currently plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. He's known for his cocky attitude and creative touchdown celebrations.
Chad Johnson just caught a pass.
by tyrannus maximus October 13, 2005

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money, cash, dough, the green.
I'm running out of lopez.
by tyrannus maximus September 27, 2005

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1. A person's college or high school of attendance.
2. Also refers to a school's anthem or song.
My alma matter is Penn State University.
I can sing my school's alma mater.
by Tyrannus Maximus July 11, 2006

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It's a shorter, more urban way of saying Philadelphia. It's pronounced (ILL-UH-DELL).
I was up in the Iladel just chillin'.
by tyrannus maximus October 06, 2005

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The hot stove is a term used to describe all of the personnel movement in baseball. With all of the free agent signings, trades, hirings, and firings.
On the hot stove today, the Yankees acquired a new outfielder.
by Tyrannus Maximus December 07, 2005

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An unimportant cunt. A girl who means little to you.
Man, I got nothin' to say to that insignificunt.
by Tyrannus Maximus April 19, 2006

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A term used to describe a girl who attempts to hide her facial misfortunes (ugly face) with facial piercings (a monroe piercing, a nose ring, and lip rings), heavy makeup and mascara, dyed or colored hair, and big sunglasses. Also called "the Paris Hilton look".
Look at that faux hot bitch trying to look good, she's a mess.
by Tyrannus Maximus October 30, 2006

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