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PVP, abbreviation for Player Vs Player. Describes scenarios common in electronic gaming in which players are pitted against each other.
"Man, I love that PVP server for evercrack where you get to fight the other players."
by typo October 12, 2004

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An incoherent jumble of words, normally refers to speech observed in schizophrenia.
"And my time is a piece of wax fallin’ on a termite that’s chokin’ on the splinters"
by typo December 28, 2004

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The mark of poorly functioning transmission.
DSM's are not known for the transmissions.
by typo November 15, 2003

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N. Author of the web-based comic "PvP". Also known for being a hypocrite, his rants & raves, advice instructing children to take over the counter drugs so they can stay awake to play video games, general advice on how everyone should run their life, and his enormous ego. Mostly his ego.
"I got news for you people..."
"Video games will retard your child..."
"I love playing games."
"Let me tell you..."
"...I can say whatever I want in the strip..."
by typo November 24, 2004

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N. A mass of dust, crud, and other miscellaneous particles that collect together to form a large ball. Similair to a dust bunny, but proportionally bigger and more aggresive. Their natural habitat is under couches and inside brand name computers, where the user is not likely to disturb them. Do not feed dust rhinos.
"I opened his Dell and a herd of dust rhinos stampeded out!"
by typo January 03, 2005

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Antonym to analogous. Dissimilar or apart in such away that it prevent the drawing of an analogy.
"...in reference to the colour black, which is anagolous to bananas."
by typo October 12, 2004

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Minor diffuclties in spellsing.
i are having minficulties with the word necesaarity in the.
by typo November 21, 2004

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