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An attempt to ask people on a bus that only accepts change to break one dollar bills so that you can pay the fare.
"If the Bee-Line bus system accepted dollar bills, then I wouldn't be doing a fare crapshoot right now."
by tyankou December 22, 2009
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When things are going your way, or when you find your groove.
"Five Halo kills in a row, I'm finding my theme music!"

"Alex Rodriguez is on a hitting streak, he's really found his theme music!"
by tyankou August 26, 2009
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When a person's opinions, behavior, and other personality traits are taken from other people, as well as what that person observes in the media, in place of speaking and acting for one's self.
"Does James think he's the only one who watches the news or action movies? He sounds like John McClain trying to mimic John McCain. He has such a junkyard personality!"
by tyankou October 09, 2011
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Used as a verb - when you completely overcome, top, or otherwise destroy something.
Damn, who did a 2012 on my car?

9/11 me, I'll 2012 you.
by tyankou September 23, 2010
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A really quick run to a store for forgotten supplies, especially for a party.
People are about to start arriving, but I need somebody to make a blitz stop to the supermarket for beer and ice.
by tyankou February 13, 2016
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