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A group of Harvard grads who got together and made one of the best bands ever. They sung about poltical shit in a way that made you think. They made grat music. They broke up and made Audioslave.
"People of the Sun" is their best song.
Long Live RAGE!!!!
by tsunami January 02, 2005

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A ciggerete dipped in PCP
Boat is weed with pcp, da dippa is a ciggerete with pcp
by Tsunami August 07, 2003

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A clit the size of a prehistoric creature which was proven to the roam the earth in search for sexual favours. Also known as Brooke Page.
Wow, mom just because dad is on a business trip doesn't mean you can be a clitasaurus rex
by Tsunami May 26, 2003

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when a women sits on the erection of man, which further leads to the disfunction of the cock.
Do not sit on my erection for that would be a Lap Clap
by Tsunami May 26, 2003

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a dumb website for smug right-wing nerds
fark is full of nerds
by tsunami December 31, 2004

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