4 definitions by tsaltsal

Knowing WAY too much about hobo's. Besides it coming from plain logic.
Daymn Katerina, you've got some serious hobologic
by tsaltsal November 9, 2011
When your dick decides to blow up after handling too much pressure.
Omar: sorry babe, can't perform tonight
Sam: oh shit lov, what happened?
Omar: got me a bad case of blowdick as of last night #yeboyy
by tsaltsal May 6, 2018
When you have a mixed shot of Tanqueray and Sailor Jerry and bust a nut on the first person you see, regardless of age, disability or race.
Pedro: What's the plan tonight peeps?
Langerz: Not sure mate, could go for a swift one.
Obarz: Nah boys, we're going for Tanque-Jerry's tonight.
Orivia: What's a Tan...
*all males proceed to engage in harmonious chant*
by tsaltsal May 13, 2018
When a giy decides to treat himself with a slow wank. Slow + Wank = Slank.
Langers: What are you up to tonight?
Obars: Considering treating myself to a nice slank!
by tsaltsal January 29, 2018