Knowing WAY too much about hobo's. Besides it coming from plain logic.
Daymn Katerina, you've got some serious hobologic
by tsaltsal November 9, 2011
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"These two were dipping lettuce into coke, then licking and sucking on the lettuce. When I walked by them they appeared to be engaged in deep conversation, speaking in their own hobotastic dialect. I didn't want to distrub this facinating exchange, and so I decided to take a picture from a distance instead of approaching. This is often my method of study, because it is hard to properly photograph a hobo once it knows that you have entered it's hobotat. They become quite edgy and often attack verbally."
by One Eyed Zombie August 13, 2004
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The study of Hobos

sub- categories:

Hobo-couture: Hobo fashion
Hobout-cusine: Hobo food
Hobosexual: sexual attraction to Hobos
Hobophobic: fear of Hobos
Hobo Fu: Hobo martial arts
Hobo Condo: A box in which a Hobo dwells
Hobo Pokie: A Hobo dance
Hobo Renfrew: A used clothing store
Hobo Vacation: Jail or Prison
Hob-listic Medicine: A pint of Thunder Bird
Hobo Ho Ho Ho: When a Hobo burgles at X-Mass time dressed as Santa
Hobo Depot: A dumpster
Hobo Kin: The family of a Hobo
Hobo-achi: A cooking fire in used oil drum
Hobo Ho: A Hobo who prostitutes themselves
Gerrard is a world authority of Hobology.
by Rew454 September 30, 2016
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