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A term used for old guys on subways in Tokyo that sidle up to girls and totally violate them by groping them or going as far as to finger girls wearing skirts with no underwear, I know a girl that happened to and she said that as disgusting as it was it gave her the biggest orgasm she ever had...she muffled it by burying her mouth into her arm and leaning up against the door of the train...
Anatta wa chikan deshou!! Hentai Hentai!! Chikan deshou! Chikan!!!

When something like that is yelled out on the subway it is usually followed by the guy being escorted to a Koban and arrested...
by Tony Montana April 24, 2004

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The best movie ever!!!
I only got two things in this world my balls and my word and I don't break them for nobody!- Tony Montana
by Tony Montana June 25, 2003

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One that sits on the computer for countless hours in yahoo chat rooms, usually can see many of the same people in the same rooms for days on end. Alot of chatters even meet together for "gatherings" or "chat parties". these people generally have no life away from the computer.
"he's gone to hang out with the yahoo chatters this weekend"

"crazy dumbass yahoo chatters"
by Tony Montana July 12, 2004

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To get done, kna 'm sayin
Béruv, you got boopsed...
by Tony Montana January 10, 2005

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A donuliek - someone who is a complete don, and even more. A donuliek is a don's don. Respect the donuliek
Bro, you are such a donuliek
by Tony Montana January 10, 2005

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A mobile device resembling the shape of a 'Weiner' also known as the male genitalia, 'Penis'. Hence making the 'Weinermobile' a 'Moving Penis.'
Today this word refers to the Oscar Meyer 'Weinermobile' which commonly patrols the United States spreading the parent companies illustrious name.
Hey Pat, look at that fine looking weinermobile coming down the road.

by Tony Montana April 08, 2003

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Beruv - a more retarded way of saying bruv, itself a retarded word
Lend me a pound bé-ruuuuuuuuuuuv
by Tony Montana January 10, 2005

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