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A low-life human being who is as worthless as a used rubber.
Willie is a fucking scum bag.
by tom h April 08, 2003

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Political term wherein members of the democratic and the republican parties agree on a particular piece of legislation. (Also see 'mythology.')
This legislation needs bipartisan support in order to pass...I'll vote for your piece of shit pork barrel legislation that I don't believe in, if you'll vote against your morals and support my tax-wasting special-interest initiative."
by Tom H April 08, 2003

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a genious musician in the modules scene. usually makes his tunes for class & superstars using ProTracker.
maktone's 1992 is a friggin' classic.
by Tom H September 17, 2004

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Sexual act where-in the woman is on top.
Shirley mounted him after Bob asked for snatchonia.
by tom h April 08, 2003

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