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The perfect cup size in many ways.
They are bigger than an A-cup and you can actually hold on to them but you do not get saggage or stretch marks like you do with larger cup sizes. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. You can wear most types of shirts with them.
Dick: Wow, Crystal has really big tits.
Regina: Yeah, but they're probably all stretch marked. You should go out with Letitia, she has a pair of perfect fit b-cups.
by thisismealex February 11, 2008

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An incredibly stupid and overpriced (think Hot Topic but even more stupid and over-priced than that) clothing brand worn by hipsters and "starving artists" in Hollywood. The brand is known for it's idiotic and faux hard core "tattoo-print" t-shirts and fucking trucker hats. Ashley Tisdale is a fan, so that should give you some clues as to how credible it is.
Soon-to-be-hipster: I know! Instead of spending my money on some good quality clothes, how about I throw down two hundred dollars for that tacky sweater over at Ed Hardy's?
by thisismealex January 18, 2008

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A gossip site written by someone credited as TheSuperficialWriter. He doesn't post anything original but rather quotes gossip news from other sources (TMZ.com, Page Six, etc.). His jokes consist of calling attention to the flaws of perfectly gorgeous female celebrities (i.e Tila Tequita is short, Cindy Crawford is old, Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat) and complimenting his physical person when he is probably some short skinny greasy seventeen-year old.
TheSuperficialWriter: Kim Kardashian has a big ass! I want to have sex with Hayden Panettiere using my humongous dick! My abs are hard! Paris Hilton's vagina is Herpes Canyon! Naturally thin women need to eat sandwiches lololol!
(articles relating to these can probably be found on the first page of thesuperficial.com)
by thisismealex January 13, 2008

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An American actress who was known for her good girl Disney image before naked photos of her "accidentally" leaked out *coughpublicitystuntcough*. She was then upstaged by Jaimee-Lynn Spears (16) who got pregnant by her 19-year old boyfriend who is now demanding a paternity test. I give Vanessa points for originality since most actresses who had a childlike, good girl image posed for Playboy in order to get a sexier look. She has dated both guys (Drake Bell) and girls (Zac Efron) and her songs are catchy.
Guy: Hey! Remember that internet scandal involving naked photos of Vanessa Hudgens?
Girl: What? Sorry, I'm reading this article on Jaimee-Lynn Spears' pregnancy.
by thisismealex January 13, 2008

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The smallest cup size for a woman's breast, the actual size of the breast does not usually exceed the size of the nipple. They are nice because they won't sag as you get older or give you stretch marks, but bad because people will make fun of you for being flat and you might not get as many boyfriends.
Dick: "Michelle's pretty, but she only has an a cup."
Regina: "That's because she's a ballerina!"
by thisismealex February 11, 2008

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